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p-code oreore

p-code oreore


p-code oreore is an experimental chat platform for collective music live-coding. Syntax is based on p-code but numbers denote MIDI notes not frequencies, and some features are added.


This project is a shameless clone of p-code playground developed by Yosuke Hayashi and Haus.

The chat platform is run by and is inspired by pixeljam by Olivia Jack.


notation description
~ sine wave
^ triangle wave
N sawtooth wave
[ square wave
a AM synth
f FM synth
m metal synth
p pluck synth
= mute
<CODE> repeat CODE surrounded by <>
dCODEb add feedback loop filter to CODE
NUMBER set MIDI note
+NUMBER add to current note
-NUMBER subtract from current note
*NUMBER multiply current node
/NUMBER divide current note

NUMBER bigger than 120 will be replaced by a random frequency. Any unrecognized character will play white noise. If < is not closed, > will be automatically added at the end.



sweep from 10 and play as sine wave (eventually become random tones as it exceeds 120).

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