Naoto Hieda

What's Up (2021-2022) is an independent online festival organized by and for Naoto.

Best Practices In Contemporary Dance (2020-) is a practice and a playground by Jorge Guevara and Naoto to experiment with online bodies and pixels.

This website is permanently under construction

under construction

Naoto is permanently under pressure

glitch me with flor de fuego
best practices
under construction exhibition

Best Practices Chat (2020-) is a space for Jorge Guevara and Naoto to reflect on the practices.

Razio (2020-) is a podcast by Naoto with a special guest.

Blog (2019-) is a place where you can find latest or stale information about Naoto.

Portfolio (2014-) is an online exhibition of every work that Naoto created and contributed.

KHM (1990-) is where Naoto is at.


Naoto is a human. Contact me on