Generative Pathways / Path(re)finder


How can an algorithm disrupts the body? Or, how can a brain intervenes an algorithm? The project focuses on brain, body, geometry and algorithm from these two different aspects and questions. Electroencephalogram (EEG) Experiments are encounters of a pair, or a group of people (dancer and non-dancer) mediated by neurosignals. A person’s brain is monitored by EEG, or brain waves, where another person can see, hear the brain waves and react to them based on a choreography, or improvisation. In addition, Generative Pathways are choreographic thinking assisted by a computer, or an algorithm, provides deterministic paths given by a set of rules, such as points, lines and planes based on single and two dimensions. We interpret these pathways allowing our bodies to sink into the geometry. Here, the aim is to create a performance/installation where the research process will be documented to be a part of the piece.

Project by Naoto Hieda and Lisa Parra


2017-08-28 Piecemaker2 and Piecemeta (1)
2017-08-31 Piecemaker2 and Piecemeta (2)


Studio 303 for the artists in residence program
Pola Art Foundation for the financial support
Christian Mio Loclair for kindly offering the source code of Pathfinder (adapted by Naoto Hieda as Pathrefinder) and choreographic input
Motion Bank for Piecemaker2 and Piecemeta
POINT for invitation to NOVA Festival