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Face painting is enjoyed by many generations: children are entertained by transforming themselves into animals, sport fans draw national flags or team logos to demonstrate their affiliation, and various cultures paint their faces for ceremonies. Such traditional face painting is constrained by properties of physical paint, which cannot easily be erased or modified dynamically. Using video projection technology, however, these limitations can be overcome, as artists can optically map time-varying, dynamic video textures to a face. Facial projection mapping has been used for art performances, but there have been few examples of interactive applications based on this technology. To explore the entertainment potential of face painting, we present Bizarrege, a novel, bizarre drawing experience on a face (visage in French) provided by projection mapping. Users can see themselves in a mirror and interact with the video contents by applying digital drawing to their faces using a special pen.


Makery: La génération VR s’expose au salon Laval Virtual (Apr 14, 2015)
DMM.make: IVRC2014東京本選フォトレポート (Oct 24, 2014)


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