EEG Drawing

(Simple and Honest) EEG Drawing is an interactive media installation using brain waves. The goal is not only to achieve drawing by brain waves but to visualize, understand and share individual's brain wave patterns. Muse EEG headband is used to measure brain waves related to how focused you are. The measured signals are visualized on a display as dots and lines, inspired by cell bodies and axons. The interaction starts with a one-minute training session, while people are asked to do several activities (close eyes, stare at something, look around, and talk) to record high-dimensional signals. Then, those signals are flattened to 2D points, or simply dots, using a machine learning algorithm. After the training session, real-time data are mapped on to the same 2D space but this time they form lines to distinguish from the recorded signals. As a result, the participant can move where the lines are drawn by controlling their brain waves: for example, by focusing on a single task or by distracted by talking to someone.