Naoto Naoto Hieda

Passing Light

Passing Light

An audiovisual sculpture by Michael Montanaro, Naoto Hieda, and Tatev Yesayan.

In a darkened room sits a precariously balanced metal plate. Alchemically transformed, light in liquid form rests on its surface. Entering the space, you are shadowed by luminescence, and the delicate equilibrium is disturbed. Light cascades down the tilted steel sheet creating a waterfall of illuminated atoms that find their way onto the floor and across the space. The line that separates the physical properties of water and light is blurred in an ever-changing cycle of animated play.

Passing Light is an expression at how our engagement with the visible world is shaped by the way in which atoms interact. In this instance the behaviour of water is used to transform light from a wave into a liquid. Preconceived notions break down, inevitably effecting our relationship and interaction with the material world.

text by Michael Montanaro

Topological Media Lab

Supported by Pola Art Foundation
Exhibited at MAPP_MTL Invisible Exhibition Micro-Mapping curated by Thien Vu Dang, Jean-Sébastien Baillat and Alain Thibault

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