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Tech is Nonbinary

Tech is Nonbinary is an audiovisual dance performance. Starting from a blank editor, graphics and sound are coded in real-time by live-coding environments, with expressions of body movements. The artist...

Choreographic Coding Lab Online at NODE20

I was invited to NODE20 in Frankfurt as the organizer of Choreographic Coding Lab Online (CCLOnline). As a background, I met Jeanne Vogt the director of the NODE festival 5...

Best Practices in Contemporary Dance

I started “Best Practices in Contemporary Dance” sessions with Jorge Guevara, based on an idea that emerged from the weekly “Choreographic Coding Online (CCOnline)” session. I posted this message on...

Virtual Exhibition 007

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Algorithm | Degeneracy at NL_CL #2: Flesh

NL_CL #2: Flesh took place on May 24th, 2020 by Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii). While originally planned at iii’s workspace in the Hague, we adapted an online streaming format to...

Processing Community Hangout 2

On May 9th, 2020, the global Processing community organized the second Processing Community Hangout. Disclaimer: this is not a comprehensive report; since I was largely involved in the organization of...

Processing Community Day Tokyo 2020

group photo of PCD Tokyo 2020

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Residency

Video of Stäbetanze by Raphael Hillebrand, Naoto Hieda and HKAPA BFA students:


“NAILS | PIXELS | STIMMING” is a tapestry to represent the neurodiversity and personality of the artist. An MRI scan of the artist’s brain is analyzed by custom software made...

Processing Community Day Tokyo 2019

I organized PCD Tokyo on Feb 2, 2019 at Yahoo! LODGE together with Ayumu Nagamatsu and Yasuto Nakanishi. We had nearly 150 participants with 2 keynotes, 10 workshops and 16...

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Residency

Performance Usine 108 with Evelyne Drouin during Open Studio at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (South Korea).

Call Stack

Call Stack by Naoto Hieda and Janine Harrington takes place within “digital performance” by the FAVORITEN Festival funded by the NRWkultursekretariat.


Naoto Hieda during a rehearsal. All photos in this article are by PERTE DE SIGNAL | Camille Montuelle

Passing Light

An audiovisual sculpture by Michael Montanaro, Naoto Hieda, and Tatev Yesayan.

Generative Pathways

How can an algorithm disrupts the body? Or, how can a brain intervenes an algorithm? The project focuses on brain, body, geometry and algorithm from these two different aspects and...

Scènes Ouvertes

To be ported to p5.js.