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Utopian Council

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Created during Utopian Council workshop at Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Drag & drop a png or jpeg image on the website to share with others. (max ~ 3MB)

Why did we look into a city and not into the economics or the ecology? Isn’t it a sketch in a flatland that lacks the third (and forth) dimension? We are restructuring the existing microscopic aspect of the city in Western Europe - or we created a micro city from scratch based on our imaginations and fictions, and decorated it with citizens and services. This city can not exist by itself - connected to the other parts of the world through the Internet or other infrastructure as we naturally expect - how do these parts of the world exist? Or they simply don’t exist and the citizens believe that the city is standalone? Or the exercise of projecting ideas to images itself is regarded as utopian? What day is it today? Are the citizens autonomous or are we inventing citizens that we want? Does diversity exist in the city - and if so, what is diversity?

Thanks to the Utopian Council for organizing the workshops.

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