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Creative Code Köln Meetup 3

Creative Code Köln Meetup 3

The third meetup of Creative Code Köln took place on December 12, 2019 at akkuraum in Cologne. Please read the first post if you want to know the philosophy of the meetup and why I started it.

This time, Dennis came for the first time, and he gave us information about pen-and-paper games and machine learning. There are already trained machine learning models for such games to generate stories, such as AI Dungeon II. Such an algorithm requires a high-end PC, but thanks to Google Colab, anyone can use Google’s server to run it remotely. He also showed us video games on Linux such as Brogue (top photo).

Hydra has been a favorite of our meetup, and this time, I introduced it to Dennis. Since its syntax is simple, anyone with coding experience can quickly understand how to generate images, yet it is so flexible that you will never see the same image again.

Since this was the last meetup in 2019, Mayuko kindly prepared Japanese curry for us (and thank you for Akkuraum for letting us use the kitchen). She used a special roux from Japan and we enjoyed dinner together.

curry Curry served by Mayuko

We will be back on January 16, 2020 for the first meetup in 2020. I wish you happy holidays and hope seeing you at the next meetup!

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