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Creative Code Köln Meetup 4

Creative Code Köln Meetup 4

The first meetup of Creative Code Köln in 2020 took place on January 16th at akkuraum in Cologne. Please read the first post if you want to know the philosophy of the meetup and why I started it.

As I have been currently in between several projects, I kept the meetup low-key; for the evening I was chatting with Tadaomi. We talked about our own projects and also about how to involve more people - not necessarily to increase the participants, but how to approach those who want to know where to start with code and art. At our school, Academy of Media Arts, the faculty members and students are interdisciplinary in terms of various seminars offered, but they are too specialized, which creates a barrier for a student to learn another medium through seminars. As we already use coding for art and know some other artists in this domain, we would like to plan introductory workshops for artists who are interested in coding but feel that the seminars are too advanced for them.

I will be gone to Eindhoven next week, so the next meetup will take place on January 30th. Stay in touch!

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