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Pink and Yellow Cooking 1

Pink and Yellow Cooking 1

Liza Dieckwisch is organizing collective (and virtual) pink and yellow cooking. When you subscribe, you will get a new recipe every week and we all cook on Sundays. The first week was beetroot sauce on a cauliflower. It took hours to cook, but mostly waiting for vegetables to cook in the oven, so I was cooking while I was in an online meetup. The second week, which was Easter weekend, was pink eggs colored with beetroot. I first ate it with mustard, and then I ate it with soy sauce on rice.

Participants are invited to share photos with the artist, and she will post photos after the weekend on her Instagram account. The recipes are not only visually interesting, but it is a good opportunity to try ingredients that we might not normally use (in a supermarket I had to spend time to search for tahini, which is for the sauce). As we have more time at home and thus more time for cooking, her recipes definitely add more repertoire to your recipe book.

spiced and baked cauliflower spiced and baked cauliflower

cauliflower served with beetroot sauce cauliflower served with beetroot sauce

eating cauliflower eating cauliflower

eggs eggs

egg on rice egg on rice

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