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Pink and Yellow Cooking 3

Pink and Yellow Cooking 3

Liza Dieckwisch is organizing collective (and virtual) pink and yellow cooking. When you subscribe, you will get a new recipe every week and we all cook on Sundays. A report of the past weeks can be found here and here. The fifth week was spread for bread. It was supposed to be sunny side up colored with beetroot juice, but I forgot some ingredients and had to run to a shop to get beetroot spread as a substitute.

Bread with beets and eggs Bread with beets and eggs

The sixth week was souffle pancake with pomegranate cream. For this, I practiced a few times to make souffle pancake which is popular in Japan. The trick is to mix whipped egg white instead of baking powder. I had hard time making fluffy pancakes, so I cooked a Japanese “traditional” style, which is made with baking powder. Also, opening a pomegranate is a lot of fun (fortunately, I was careful enough not to spill too much juice).

Pancake with pomegranate cream Pancake with pomegranate cream

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